Bite the rain

Bite the rain when the storm is feeding! Leading to the pain. Born bleeding from just a seedling now I'm speaking for the rain!All of my emotions start to openAs vast as the ocean but worth so many tokens!My feelings overspilling; sealing what's been broken!I'm healing and I'm floating!Spilling every notion!While my heart is keeping … Continue reading Bite the rain

Mortal kombat- venom

It's like venom in my veins!Oh oh!No hero!Sub zero in my brain!This beast you can not tame!I put the enemy to shame!You lost your good ol frame!When life kicked you like Lui Kang!So much for staying your own lane.Now the fights become insane!Just know your not the same!Your bigger than a grain!Stronger through the pain.Lift … Continue reading Mortal kombat- venom

This is the zipup!

This is the zipup!No hicup!Now get up and dance with the get up!Grab a cup.Sit tough or stand tall!Get tough!Feel big!Be small!I call and flick up!He pays with a situp!You devil will pay!As I trip shut the gate start to lip.Clip you from hate when I zipupIt's never to late!Not a hicup!I got the faith!Im … Continue reading This is the zipup!